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Finding a loan with the right lender can be a difficult experience at the best of times, not to mention if you are self-employed. That’s why here at Loanexplorer we perform a comprehensive search to find self employed loans that suit you and your circumstances, whether you want to start a business, release equity in your home, have a bad credit history or simply need a financial boost.

For a number of reasons it may be a demanding process to secure a loan when self employed; such as proof of income, which unfortunately can lead to loan refusals. We understand this, and our brokers can search the market to find lenders that provide all types of loans to suit these unique circumstances.

Why Apply Through Us?

By using a loan broker you ensure you are securing a fantastic loan deal from more of the UK market than if you applied direct with a lender. If you are self employed and are finding it difficult to prove your income then it’s even harder to secure a great deal. So apply through us today and you can get access to much more of the market!

Loans for Self-Employed

So if you are self-employed and are looking particularly for self-employed loans, whatever your circumstances or credit history we will help you find a suitable lender with loan deals aimed at individuals like you. Simply complete the short application form starting above for a quick, free and easy no obligation quote.

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