Loanexplorer was founded in 2006 and gives UK residents access to the latest loans on offer through its network of loan brokers. Loans arranged through us are tailored to your individual requirements and circumstances, and we strive to provide you with an individual service for your financial needs. Our loans come from a range of brokers and lenders including Loans.co.uk, Central Capital, Barclays, Nationwide & many many more.

We give you exactly the same loan offer you would get if you went directly to a lender, but we free you from the hassle and stress and approach the lenders directly ourselves. Our dedicated team search through hundreds of loan plans, including some from lenders whose loan products are not readily available to the public.

At Loanexplorer we offer a fantastic range of loans and loan plans whatever your financial circumstances or employment status, such as low income loans, subprime loans and self certification loans. Whether you have a great credit history or defaults, CCJ’s, IVA’s or mortgage arrears, we try to find competitive rates to reflect each application.

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Our network of loan brokers compare loans from a variety of UK lenders.

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You can complete your loan application in minutes.

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Use your loan to consolidate debt, improve your home, start a business - anything!

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If you don't want to accept the loan offer you don't have to.

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Our network of loan brokers search the UK market for you. That means they could get you the most competitive rates for your circumstances.